Alchemist Kava is a botanical bar and social lounge nestled in East Naples that opened in the summer of 2023. Alchemist Kava beckons you into a space where focus meets relaxation, and community flourishes through a monthly event calendar. The lounge not only boasts a peaceful ambiance but also serves as a platform for local talents showcasing and selling their artistic creations. Indulge in delicious and refreshing botanical elixirs, carefully crafted to enhance your focus and socializing experience.

Owned by a Naples-native, Alchemist Kava embraces the East Naples community and extends special discounts to students, teachers, veterans and first responders. Whether you are new to the Southwest Florida kava community or a seasoned enthusiast, the warm invitation stands. Explore the unique elixirs, enjoy the ambiance and discover the magic within Alchemist Kava. It’s not just a nonalcoholic bar and lounge—it is a refuge where focus, creativity and community converge.